Working Over Coffee



Whether you are moving forward with an acquisition, partnership or off-shore contracting, a strong relationship with your new international colleagues is an absolute necessity. Their buy-in will facilitate swift and smooth transitions, increased productivity, and clear communication - all of which directly affect your bottom line.

In short, you need them to like you and respect you, so they will work well with you and your team. You need an international relationship manager, a professional, yet friendly face who, not only represents your company well, but also understands and respects the culture of your new colleagues; One friendly, familiar and professional business ambassador to assist in building productive relationships between your off-shore contacts and your existing in-house team. 

- - - - -

One mistake is assuming if it works in America, it will work anywhere. Not true. Not only do you need to tailor your sales and marketing efforts to each country, you must rethink the way you build relationships. Don't ignore the cultural differences that shape the dynamic. 

Since 2002, we have been helping our clients grow through our unparalleled services. We work shoulder to shoulder with our clients so that we can build creative and strategic solutions to their challenges.

The same applies for our international relationship services. We offer a comprehensive approach with the speed and agility you need to propel your business forward. Our research-based strategy means we kick-off our work with you by immersing ourselves in your industry, your vision and your culture. We take care of building relationships with your new international colleagues so you can focus on running your business; we work together in order to help you grow.