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3 Ways to Make your Facebook Page more Visible

3 Ways to Make your Facebook Page more Visible

How do customers discover your Facebook Business Page? If you don't know, it probably means they aren't, and you need to boost your Facebook SEO!

This post includes a few instructions (or you can always work with "someone" who specializes in Social Media Marketing 😉).

Here are 3 quick ways to boost your Facebook SEO so more customers discover your business page:

1. Create a Custom URL Your Facebook URL should match your business name, making it easier for search engines to find (Otherwise, Facebook assigns a set of random numbers).

2. Put Yourself on the Map Add your location to your page. Once added, Facebook will drop a pin on their map. Make sure that the pin is accurate with your address.

3. Use Relevant Keywords When writing your “About” section, make sure to use keywords that your audience is likely to search for. You want to show up on the list of results.

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